Sometimes I wish

The stars float so high 

Shinning for no reason

And ending in brilliance

Not only is their grace, beauty, and passion infused in them

But loneliness

I guess we share that…


When I look up now and see that even something that has it all

Has nothing at the same time.

Flowers will bloom everywhere

In hot and cold

Light, shadow

Soft or hard

Like humans, they pop up and stream toward the sky

Knowing they may never get there but try anyway



Do they try so hard to reach the sun

It makes no sense

But aren't I doing it too?

With my big dreams

Aren’t I reaching for the heavens, hand outstretched?

Sometimes I wish I was a feather

Drifting floating spinning

Falling whenever, wherever;

Humans are often told what they can and can't do

It is accepted in normalized without thought

Without question

Why do we accept it?

Is it because humans are as weak as sheep

Need to be guided by the dog?

To be saved from the wolf?

Sometimes I wish I was a dragon, so righteous and daring

Roaring throughout the world telling it

I am here

Maybe I would not be so nameless

A nobody then

Maybe people would know my name and I would be somebody

There are billions of people in the world, and it takes something for them

To stand up and notice.

Sometimes I wish I was small fish

Swimming down the stream

Not a care in the world

Humans always have something to worry about.

Sometimes I wish I was a bird

Flying above the clouds

Feeling totally euphoria

Of the freedom that lies beneath my wings as I soar;

Sometimes I wish I was steel

Hard and cold

So I would never be hurt again;

Sometimes I wish I could be and eye

So I could view the world unbiased 

Because humans are so quick to judge

Sometimes I wish I was a notebook

So I can help express people's feelings on the page

Because humans can't seem to communicate with each other;

Sometimes I wish I was a pen to write out all the ideas

Right out of the minds of the young artist looking to help through their craft;

Sometimes I wish I was a book

So many characters can help anyone who just tries to read it

Because others can't always be there for them;

Sometimes I wish I was me

And people around me would stop judging

But we are all human

Is this really all we know how to do?

Is it? 



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