Sometimes I cry

Sometimes I cry alone
Not always with physical tears
With unspoken truths never to reach ones ears.
Sometimes I cry alone
As the burdens of one's heart burst from my eyes
And for the moment I stand naked absent my disguise.
Sometimes I cry in public
The silent cry for help as I try not to kill the vibe
"Hold it in just a bit longer," I tell myself like it's some form of bribe.
Sometimes I cry public
Through nothing more than a smile
Afraid to be alone so in good company I stay awhile.
Sometimes I cry when I'm happy
When the troubles seem to fade away
And laughs are shared all through the day.
Sometimes I cry when I'm happy
Through the naive eyes of the boy I once was
Never knowing the feeling of hate and what little good it does.
Sometimes I cry
As we all do
Tear drenched eyes stain the floor with a pain flavored dew.
Sometimes I cry
As a man it's hard to admit
But I've learned to finally not give a shit.

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Our world


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