Mon, 01/27/2020 - 14:30 -- Gilee

 Sometimes the soulRises up. Dances in the sky.  SometimesIt liesDefeated on the ground. •Somtimes theWind gently blowsThrough the fieldsOf corn.  Sometimes it turnsTo cold and wet Leaving all the earthCompletely shorn. •Sometimes the nightIs still and dark. Sleep comes gentlyTo my bed.   SometimesIt’s loud and brightBombs burstingIn my head.  Bombs bursting in my head•Sometimes Children laugh and playLiving lifeIn the day.  Sometimes at nightThey cry in fright. Monsters knocking. At their door. •SometimesOvercoming fearTo venture outTo findBorderless ground,And Infinite skies.  SometimesWithout a LightRetreat, retract. The bird like soulHides away Our life in closets  Closers Of despair.  Closets of despair•SometimesThe world is great.Wonder everywhere. SometimesIt’s a chain link fence.Padlocks on the Gates.Barbed wire Overhead. •Sometimes It’s a placeForlorn,Bereft, andFull ofDread. With All the walking dead.  All the walking dead.  Sometimes  My hopeIs all I have.  All I have.     

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Our world
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