Something or Nothing

I can feel my soul crawling out of my body

It leaves as if it’s not welcomed here

As if my ribs can’t protect it from it’s own spirit being broken

I pick it up every morning, swallow it like a hard pill, and wind myself up

I don’t go through the motions

They go through me

Some can relate but they won’t understand

You can’t walk in another persons shoes, they weren’t designed for you

I constantly try to fix everyone else and carry their pain

The weight of the world is on my shoulders

So you wouldn’t understand why that word “pain” is tatted on my shoulder

You can’t fix someone if you deny that you yourself are broken

I’m talking to myself

As usual I don’t listen

Why deal with my own problems when it’s easier to help others

They see that I look fine

My motor is running low

There’s no fuel station for the gas I need

My engine is failing but there’s no dealership to fix this

What am I supposed to do

I don’t know I just see question marks in my head

Excuse me does anyone know where I go to fix my soul, the broken one

So many people around, can you not hear me asking questions

That’s fine

I see the girl through the broken glass

Sorry soul I must leave you again my superhero cape is more important than me being ok

We’ll try again tomorrow

I guess I just have to crank a little harder


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