Something Happened

We went to Heaven

and came back with a blessin'

& We went to Hell 

and came back with a spell.

Heaven & Hell gave us

some words of wisdom

aka a lesson on religion

Heaven & Hell told us

that religion is like a light shining thru a prism

religion shines thru a prism and enters the dimensions

and comes out as a bunch of different ism's 

with the same beat and same rhythm

Heaven & Hell told us

that religion is all same, it all just has a different name

and we claim to fame anything with a name

We believe and we cling to prophets and kings

or anything with a scene of light

Heaven & Hell gave us

 hype and ignited light at night,

 aka a sense we're all alike.

I write...this

to forget about wrong and right

and being disliked

Once upon a time...or maybe twice

We pushed our limits, we rolled the dice on life

is like a ferris wheel, life is just a cycle

We went from being rivals shooting riffles in denial

to reading and reciting bibles as disciples at recitals


Heaven & Hell 

lost but whatever, we found some feathers

we all came together, and we turned into birds

Something Happened, something occured.

sit baack and imagine

let me be your distraction

few blocks from the trap

my seatbelt wasn't fastened

the crash left a thrash

across my neck

it was no accident

it was just a reck.















This poem is about: 
Our world


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