Something Like This

I saw the scars on your arm.

I have a cat..

Promise me you'll stop.

I  can't promise that I'll stop..

Why do you do it anyways?

But things get hard..

Things  are gonna get hard It's life.

I know but you don't understand..

Then explain it to me.

I can't...

Just STOP.

How?! It's hard..

Just don't do it anymore.

I can't just "not do it anymore"..

You can't you just don't want to.

I've tried getting help!

Obviously not. If you're still doing it!

It didn't help.

How was it?

It went someting like this.

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MVP-Most Valuable Poet

that was amazing 

i like the metaphors in your poems

speaks courage & sincerity

MVP-Most Valuable Poet

promote your poems to my group

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