Someone I Still Talk To

I miss you

but how could I tell you that? 
I have tried and I know that the words I have said were simply “I miss you”
But what I meant when I said them..

I don’t know how to say those things
Or really
That I even should

Because the fact that you still talk to me makes my heart heavy with a joy
and a sadness that I can distinguish from any other kind of pain
That I have ever felt before

I miss you
means so much to me but it doesn’t mean the same to you
And why should it?

It has been so long

I miss you means that I can still say I miss you 
To You 
when we talk and that I still wish that I could say
“I love you” or “Goodnight”
or..”See you soon”

But I won’t see you soon

I might never see your face again
And both of us as we live in separate worlds just moments apart from the other person will hold a truth to us like armor 
that we knew each other once
and that once
(even though we never said it
we know..)

 has to have been enough

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