Someone Else's Words

I've seen so many deaths

That it's hard to believe

I've never felt pain.

But I don't know its meaning.

It's hard to believe that all those tears

And all those things lost

Were nothing but words--

Nothing but someone else's words.

I've heard so many voices

Memorized so many songs

Listening to others

Who were trying to belong

That I wonder how I could think

The way I do

Of conformity.

But of course I'd never wanted to be

Like the rest of them.

There was nothing there--

Nothing but someone else's words.

I've moved so many times

I speak so many languages--

Maybe true,

But the words make me believe

That I've seen twice what I've really seen

And been to places nobody's

Ever been,

Those things that I imagined,

They weren't the truth.

They weren't anything,

Nothing but someone else's words.

And I try to keep myself

From believing in the books


Fact from fiction

But the temptation is too strong.

So I'll get lost in Wonderland

So I'll live myths with elven friends

So I'll dive into the books.

And even though I know

That they're not mine,

Nothing but someone else's words,

It's important to find a little more on earth

That your own wonderful, miserable life.

So I'll wander someone else's story,

And pick up what I can to help me find the trail that I'd left

So long ago.

I'll find a way to bring my words to brighter life,

And I'll have others read them.

And I don't care what they do with them,

But me,

I'll find the time

To wallow in someone else's words




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