All the things I love about you.
I love it when you open your eyes in the morning, and sometimes you look a little disgruntled.
But when I look into them and smile, you snicker and you smile right back.
The adventure in your bones, comes out with your will for your ambitions.
I look for adventure too, I’m sure of that.
I love it when you show me the videos of things you find neat,
Even though sometimes you carry on, I love it.
I love it because of the passion that glows in your dark eyes,
It’s one of the most beautiful things about you.
And your smile, that smile, I miss seeing it everyday, you always made me feel like everything would always be okay, with just that smile.
I don’t know why I love and want you so much, it’s a crazy fucking thing.
Maybe it’s because of the way you are.
Remembering our first date, when you gave me that flower, I still have it, I hope I still have you.
Reminiscing is my fault, as you are so indecisive.
Two hours in that parking lot, two hours, but I loved every moment of it.
I love how I fit right by your side, when we lay next to each other in bed, and I run my fingers through your head, except for when you wear your hat.
Haha I love that damn hat.
I love your fucking mind, your mind I want it to be all mine.
The way you think of things, most time being the opposite of mine, or at least it seems that way, but most times I try to deny that your thoughts complete and correct mine.
You’re so damn gifted in everything that you are.
You always take up most of the bed, and that’s okay. Because I know you’d never let me fall off, even in your sleep.
It was the most darling moment we had, when you pushed me and caught me, Hahaha you said “you almost fell” and then literally went back to sleep. You’re a frickin’ nutcase.
I don’t think I’ve ever seen your quiet side, I don’t know who that is. Because the side I’ve grown to see is so colorful and full of life.
I never met the quiet person you say you are, maybe because when you’re with me you let your feelings run free.
Or atleast that’s what I would hope it would be.
I hope to be the girl that will be sitting on your porch with you in a couple of years, you drinking tea, myself drinking coffee.
Maybe you’ll come to Italy, Spain, or the uk with me.
Two dogs playing in the yard,
I could paint how beautiful it would be.
Me wrapped up in your arms enjoying the scenery, why I wish how that’s going to be?
I’m not sure, maybe it’s because of all the things I love about you.
There’s so much more I can say, but I’ve already started crying.

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