Someday My Bachelor Will Come

Thu, 08/24/2017 - 15:59 -- pearl18

Her lips are red as blood and her skin is white as snow;     

But she’s an adult now, so it’s time she found a beau.     

She’s the prettiest girl; that’s why her stepmom was mean;     

But that story is so yesterday, let’s start it clean.     


You all know the story of the evil queen’s bad plan;    

But you didn’t know how Snow White set out to find a man.

Snow White was whisked away to a tiny, little house;     

It’s where she’ll pick a dwarf to become her loving spouse.    


There’s seven tiny men who are fighting for her love;     

But she’ll choose only one man who gets to rise above.     

Tonight she dines with Grumpy and tomorrow with  Doc;     

Which dwarf will have the pleasure to propose with The Rock?     


The Rock is their biggest treasure, ten carats--no less;     

But the real question you should ask: will she say yes?

Grumpy is brave as he leans in to give her a kiss;    

But Snow White turns her small head, with hopes to make him miss.      

Grumpy lands on her cheek, rendered quite speechless now;     

What other loving gestures will Snow White disallow?     


The next morning Snow White received a couple flowers;     

Dopey was the sender with whom she had spent hours.     

Without a short word she left him, much to his dismay;  

With every dwarf’s beating heart, she liked to often play.     


Three days later a mysterious letter arrived;     

Only three dwarves were left, the others had not survived.     

It was just Bashful, Sneezy, and Sleepy who could stay;     

The other unlucky four were forced to walk away.      


Snow White eliminated the worst of the seven;     

Which dwarf will be lucky to claim a spot in heaven?     

The finals days are drawing near and Snow White must choose;     

She’ll hand out just one rose to deliver the good news.     


“With this rose, I choose the man who I’ll love forever;     

Through the good times and the bad times, I’ll leave you never;

I hope you know that making this choice was not easy;

But I love you so much, you’re my true love--dear Sneezy!”


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