Someday it'll all be Okay


You make me want to scream

Coming back here

Day after day

Night after night

With those bloodshot eyes

Eyes that used to shine so bright

Those fingers shaking

Fingers that used to dance over violin strings

And I can’t turn you away

No matter how hard I try

Because in your face

I see a warped reflection

Of the person you used to be

Even though anger boils up in me

You threw everything away!

You could have been beautiful

But now you’re here

Standing at my door once more

Your clothes ratty and covered in dirt

Wearing only one shoe

Your hair in greasy tangles

You never would have been seen like this

Where is your PRIDE?

Where is your SHAME?

It must be in the dark hole

Where you keep your dreams and ambitions

Because the drugs only matter now

Do you think me stupid?

I know you still take them

Do you not remember I watched you spiral down into darkness

Clinging to drugs because sometimes life got too much

But I was there for you!

I was ALWAYS there for you!

Do you not remember the time you overdosed on my couch?

I took you to the hospital and stayed by your side

I was fired for it

I knew I would be fired for it

And yet I stayed

Because to me you are worth it

But I am not worth enough to you

And as you stand again at my door

Soaked to the bone from the rain

I can feel the anger build up inside me

The bitterness and hate and disappointment

And yet I open the door and let you in

Because even though you are an idiot who will die on the streets

You will always be my friend



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