some people


some people say they love you just make you feel you have a purpose

some people say they care but they don't

some people say they'll be there for you but when you go to them they leave

some people say i'll stay here that is unless your still sick

some people say were only friends if you're okay

some people ask if your okay, you say your fine, then they walk away

some people ask if your okay, you say i'm fine, they hug you and ask whats wrong

some love

some hate

some care

some are there

people hate when were sick

people love when they can get attention from this so called helping us

some people take chances to get what they want

others pass

some people hurt you till you cry out for help in pain and agonie

some people leave you take others

some people wanna break us

some people hate us

the ones that stay are worth fighting for

the ones that love are worth trying for

the ones that care are worth loving

keep the people that are like that

toss the other people out

stay alive for the ones that are here

me, i have no people

mine are all dead and in my head

mine, i left

my people killed me

i'm gone


This poem is about: 
My family
Our world


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