Some Nights

Thu, 10/03/2013 - 22:26 -- joey15x


Some nights, I can't sleep! I wonder why?

Some nights, I wonder where I stand in life.

Other nights, I feel afraid, almost destressed.

Resting nights, angels soars at my presences.


Some nights, there is yelling.

Some nights, there are gun shots.

Other nights, I sleep in my bed with one eye open.

Resting nights, angels protect me.


Some nights, I'm alone.

Some nights, there is a man looking through my window.

Other nights, he is my room.

Resting nights, I sit alone and blame myself.


Some nights, I pray.

Some nights, I'm infinite.

Other nights, I'm the king og the world.

Resting nights, I'm me.


Some nights are harder to sleep.

Some nights, I hear cursing.

Other nights, I look at the stars and hope for a better future.

Resting nights, malevolent thoughts linger.


Some nights, I cry.

Some nights, a knife make me bleed.

Other nights, my pills don't work.

This night, I will rest in peace.


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