Some Friendships is eternal


Sometimes you meet in life 
a special friendship: 
that someone to come into your life 
the changes completely. 
That someone who makes you laugh endlessly; 
that someone who makes you believe that the world 
really good stuff there. 
That someone who convinces you 
that there is a smooth door 
for you to open it. 
That's an eternal friendship ... 
When you are sad 
and the world seems dark and empty, 
eternal friendship that lift your mood 
and makes that dark and empty world 
suddenly seem bright and full. 
Your eternal friendship helps you 
in difficult, sad moments, 
and confusion. 
If you walk away, 
your eternal friendship follows you. 
If you lose your way, 
your eternal friendship you guide and I am happy. 
Your eternal friendship takes you by the hand 
and tells you that everything will be okay. 
If you find such a friendship 
you feel happy and joyful 
because you have nothing to worry about. 
Have a friend for life, 
as an eternal friendship never ends.


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