some fight (shoot out to Ali)

Dear sonny Liston


You betta be prepared to pay that hospital bill

Cause ima kill yah

You ain’t no challenge to me


you gon be throwing punches

and I’m just gonna be dodging

um dodging them like a bee

I ain’t even have to try.

They gonna be calling you sonny the bear

Cause all you is, is a lumbering bear

You take 3 steps


yo ass is on the ground

And I’m already circling you for the third time


You ain’t never fought in yo life


You call them fights before?

You call them poor excuses for fighters a test?

Floyd Patterson?

who is that?

I can tell you Who


Uncle Tom negro

Probably didn’t want to stay in the ring with yo ass cause you smell like you haven’t wiped yo ass in months


you ain’t never seen anything like me.

Ima be throwing punches so fast that yo mama will be looking dazed that her sonny just fell down

Ima be coming at you and you ain’t gonna do nothing about it

I’m sooo fast

Too fast for a big negro like you

You a human punching bag to me

Except a punching bag has more character then you


They say you have the strongest left hook in the business

They say that you make these white folks fear their sanity when you come tumbling out knocking all these white folks out

But you ain’t never fought Clay

Cause Clay gonna end your career with just a single jab

I’ll give you 6 rounds

I could finish you of in the first seconds but what’s the fun in that?

you betta be ready cause when I come your going wishing that you ain’t never decided to put on a glove


Best regards

Cassius  clay the man who’s gonna take your title




tell your wife that Clays in town. she’s gonna wanna be with a real man when she sees what I do to you.



jasper morrow

Ali is a legend thats all.

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