A somber hope

She stood still with fear

The fear made her queer

It had been over a year

Since she last saw her dear.

She stood at the exit

Reluctant to leave

She stood there wishing

With a hopeful belief.

A belief and desire

That things would be same

And a passion still present

Hot as a fire.

She loved him so much

That it froze her stiff

And the idea that he did not

Was reluctant to lift.

That’s why she stood there

Unable to leave

To walk out the door

Even just to see.

The thought of him moving on

Just too much to bare

So she could not go out

She just didn’t dare.

And outside he stood

Wondering the same

And he also couldn’t walk inside

To see if she’d changed.

So there they both stood

Unable to move

Both loving each other

Both trapped in a grove.

Unaware that the other

Was feeling the same

They were both frozen with fear

And a feeling of shame.

I cannot say

If either gained courage

For now I do not know

It’s not happened yet this age.

For if I was the girl

Facing a past love

What would I do?

Fly like a dove?

Out of those doors

And to my sweet dear?

Or would I stand still

Shaking with fear?

If this poems ending

Does not satisfy you

Then simply ask yourself

What would you do?

And on a final somber note

I am, in fact, the girl

In this uneventful poem

But unfortunately, this is not my world.

I will never get a chance

To once again see my love

Not even a glance

Except, perhaps, from heaven above.

For my story is bleak

Not a normal love poem

There’s no happy ending

Just a hope that remains

That he’s still the old him. 

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I like this. Thanks for writing.

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