Dear solstice,

Such a long darkness

Opens my soul

Left unattended in the distraction of sunshine I forgot how much you can give to me

Snow covered peaks and trees that this night has brought, muffled my hearts longing in big fluffy flakes

Too long I shied away from the quiet darkness of you

In fear of the unknown maybe, so I stuffed myself with information like an overly puffy trend jacket trying to keep warm under the fad

Candlelight, the glow of a full moon and tonight's meteors lighting this long night pull me back to remind me that while the sun truly gives me life it is my sole duty to shine back all on its own unblocked and unwavering

Esteem sits in my heart for the space you're long night holds that quietly through snowy days hands over light and hope to springtime's soft dirt filled palms.

With love,



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