My closest acquaintance is the rain

as I listen to the soft trickles of barness

Coldness of the lungs but my breathless air is still warm

Clouding the unfocused skies


Simpler times are amongst its tears

mixed like monochromatic smiles

Buzzing around the pavement

Hardest to fall yet the quickest to leave


As darkness hits my door, do the beats become softer

And steps are quiet as the world begins to fall down

My breathless air is still warm

Swaddled in smoke of never ending sticks burning to ashes


My breathless air is still warm

My breathless air is still warm

My breathless air is still warm

But my heart is as cold as coal


Touching the water does not cease

Its bitterness runs deep in the smoldering lips

Into the continuous blankness illuminated by fragments

split in twain 


The rain accompanies the light strokes of metal

With wind surrounded by constriction

Windows fade from view as it dissolves

Swepted with small supressens of trembling

Joining the muffled muse of thunder




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Here's a little insight on my anxiety attacks.

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