soliditary mind

Sat, 09/21/2019 - 11:30 -- shishi

Hard time for both of us

Consolidating each other with the best spirit

For a life we were in

Willingness upon so high

Eyes sparkle more like stars upon the sky

Captivising each steps

With some intent we were , like a magical world

Wandering like adventures of alice

Taming each other with best quotes and advices

Nothing so dishearting unless we were intouch

Maybe the world created so far was for us

Maybe it want us to be together like we are now

Amazing history,heartening stories and short breaks that we came across

Pondering and imagining alone in late night

Restless mind with full of question in  mind

Time and moments of us , so cool the words of fire

Upon through did we were, cherishing moments and enjoying the days

Mainstay was us and main role was us

now a truth everyone knows we are crazy lovers


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