Sole purpose

Tue, 01/05/2021 - 23:17 -- 2sweet

I can feel her teeth sink in my skin and her nails grip me like a pen; I can feel the poison deep within; trying to fight what's hurting on the inside a part of me died and the other side I feel alive; walking in this world like Constantine abiding by the rules that Gabriel told me and embarking on the quest the devil showed me; stuck in this Division I wear a tunic that was created by a monk; as I step closer to my purpose, I can feel the poison making me slump and hold my stomach in from the different changes that this poison has done from within; I was seen distorted and stuck from the most HIGH!! He smiled as I fixed myself and then proceeds to tell me my crown is on backwards, we laugh and talk in the language of the past, we came across the bench and set, as He looked into my eyes he prophesized  and sold me another life to live and before I could blink, I suddenly awake from this dream where I was sweating and looking for things; I looked where my journal was and saw the words that were spoken; that's when I realized it wasn't a dream it was my sole purpose.

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