A soldier's letter to his wife

Thu, 07/23/2020 - 08:44 -- Arjit

A Soldier's letter to his Wife
I wonder if this letter reaches to you Amanda,
I wonder if the tears get swelled up in your eyes by the end of this letter,
I wonder if i could taste your tears in my grave,
I wonder if my voice would echo in your head after i die.

Amanda you are a a flame to my candle,
Amanda you are the trigger of my gun's handle,
Your sweet memory has made me last with my battalion,
You're my mare and i'm your stallion,
You're present in every piece of my armour,
You're the very fortitude to my valour,
I never forget to remember you in my prayers,
Remembering you from your every layer.

Your smile in my mind has given me my much need strength,
How brawny you are my lady!
I can feel your touch wherever i lay,
Wonder if you are really there,
I feel your lap in my pillow,
Don't know when again you'll be in my lap,
Don't know when again you would fire your rage on me,
Don't know when you'll weave your spell on me,
Don't know when again i'll be the bearer of your disseminated light,
Don't know when again i'll be able to die in your arms,
Don't know when again i'll be your valentine,
Don't know if i ever would be able to see my Clementine nourishing in your womb.

My time is going down like a sand in an hourglass,
My days are soon going to be over,
My strength has given up on me,
My mind without thoughts has gone into destitute,
I can't say today that i have to go miles before i sleep,
For i have to go heaven to weep,
My face is all blown up,
I don't know if you would ever face me again,
I wonder if god would ever forgive me for my committed sin,
Of marrying you and paintin' your life black,
I can't foresee my future but my death,
Here's my request to you,
Don't turn your life in gloom,
Fall in love with another man and turn your life into bloom,
Don't ever think if i would think this conduct as a fornication,
Just marry him with magnificent celebration,
I can't write more than this my love,
My pen is not worthy enough to hold your gaze this long,
Coz you are more beautiful,
more than this ink would ever be,
Able to blot in your praise.


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