Sold. For Less than it's Worth


You torture us
Though we care so much
Why don't you even see
The hurt you've caused
The trust you've lost
How much you mean to me?

The choice you made
The price you've paid
For something you regret
So don't you know
That you shouldn't go
And spend your life in debt

What will you do
If we all leave you
And no one will be home
No one is there
To answer your prayer
You end up all alone

Did you forget
How we're upset?
Did it not cross your mind?
Life's just begun
But it's come undone
You've left us all behind

It's in the past 
The feeling won't last 
You can't hide your mistakes
The deed you've done 
You told no one
Life crumbles and it breaks

Are you ashamed 
For being blamed? 
Have we all proved you wrong?
You trust no one 
With what you've done 
and now you don't stand strong


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