When I was a child I wanted to fly

To reach the heavens in the sky

To travel the world and see new things

and was excited about what life would bring


That dream is gone, sold off at school

Where I was rebuilt into a tool

To function in a society I barely knew

Limited to only what they told me to do


When I was a teen I wanted romance

To fall in love and swept in a dance

To meet that person you see on screen

and appear on the cover of a magazine


That dream is gone, sold off at work

Where I repeated my lines as a clerk

To make some money to pay the bills

Limited to what remained my life stayed still


When I was an adult I had no dreams

To damaged to glow, to damaged to gleam

To broken to repair, my parts were sold

and melted down to be poured into a mold



This poem is about: 
My country
Our world


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