Soft Insignificance

Mon, 01/27/2020 - 21:11 -- Jocely

To the many stars, my eyes gaze

All around, the world is a haze. 

My insignificance made clear

The whisper of my soul, I hear.

It announces its small presence

At peace with its irrelevance.

Let it not be a tragedy 

To be lesser known and measly. 

For it is a wonder to know 

Of the vastness of the cosmos

And be content with one's smallness,

Alone with one’s own absurdness.

Yet, not despairing nor lonely 

For nature keeps me company

Cradled by a breeze, I take rest
The soft shrubbery makes my nest. 

Untroubled, I lie quit serene

Gently, undisturbed and unseen.


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