Society's Rules


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What society says, goes.

Afraid of what it doesn't know.

Why did we believe that we needed to be in a clique

to feel welcomed? Isn't it sick?

Why did we believe that we only belong with our race,

or our beliefs, appearance, interests, to belong in this place?

Thst being so-called "normal," is for the best,

but the label, is nothing, but a heavy burden in my chest.

When did wanting to belong become a burden?

If it gains me nothing, what is it for then?

When did words become weapons and poison?

When did hearts start to harden and eyes stopped to moisten?

When did the hidden pain start taking away futures and dreams?

Why didn't we help the victims falling aprt from the seams?

I don't want this masquerade of kindness,

This war of wanting to be bind less.

What happened in being who you are?

What happened in traveling beyond and far?

What happened in believing in tomorrow?

When did we start hiding our sorrow?

I want to change the society's view on "normal,"

to extremely outrageous and beautifully informal.

I want to believe that everyone can be what ever the want to be.

Not what society thinks they should be.

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