Society's Picture


Society paints this picture

That I'm not pretty without society's perfect features

Yeah we see I'm not a double D

But when you look at me are you telling me that's all you see?

Have you ever noticed the way my smile brightens my face?

Na, but I bet you noticed the lack of thickness in my waist

I wonder if you ever noticed how the sun catches my light brown eyes

Or is your only focus the thickness of my light brown thighs?

When you look at me, don't just look at my assets

I'm more than that, don't let that be your aspect

I'm not just a piece of meat

And I don't want the boys to whistle at me as I walk down the street

Don't judge me for my body, judge me for my mind

I mean, at least I can say my body is still unsigned

I don't wanna be a society made girl

I know I'm different because I don't need my body to rock your world




love it!



Thank you so much! Any comment means much to me!


This is really inspiring.


Thank you so much!




Thank you so much!!


Beautiful! Definitely relatable.


Thanks so much! All this positive feedback means a lot to me.


I loved what you spoke about. This is so real & I enjoyed the rhyming pattern. Don't stop the great work. 

Laura Bentley

YESSS loved it:)


I'm glad you love it! Thanks for reading!


This is so inspiring. There's one typo on the line that starts with "or" (It should be "Or are you") but other than that, your poem is amazing!


This is poetry slam material, there are many lines here that add a lot of over all drama to the poem, that big "bam! I said this what are you going to do with my statement?" Good job. 


I scored a 9, 10, & 10 on this poem! & thank you much; I'm glad you could rock with the poem!


This is an epic poem! I'm going to share this poem with the #TeamInspire Twitter page.

Thanks for writing such an inspiring poem!


Thanks for feeling my poem enough to share it with others! I appreciate you!


Honestly, if only this message can reach every girl in America. Then they would see that there mind is what they should be worried about not their bodies. Its funny how something so simple and true is so difficult for people to get a grasp on. This is really great. 


You just don't know how much this comment meant to me. I'm really glad that people can understand & appreciate what I'm trying say. You're very right, this is so simple & not enough girls understand that. Hopefully, one day, a woman's mind will be more powerful than her body.


Love it. ^_^ Exactly what society needs to hear.


I really wish there was a way for all of society to hear it & learn from it. Uploading the poem to this site is definitely a start! Thanks for reading!


This is amazing!!!  Everyone should learn from this. This is truly awesome :D


You are truly thanked!


Very concretely concise in delivering a message of truth! It definitely brightens and defines self appreciation!





Jonathon Lee Singler



I appreciate that term. "self appreciation" That's exactly what I'm trying to express in this poem.


This is extremely truthful especially in this day and age. Great piece of work to help readers understand the pressures of trying to be the ideal girl in society's eyes. Amazing Job!

Ego Finale

Favorite line: "...I don't need my body to rock your world. "

Both your poems are great. I hope to read more of your work in the future!

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