Society's Perception


If I could change one thing I would change the way you look at me.

Those eyes that forever judge with intentions of racial scrutiny.

You see black and white not an individual that is determined to break generational curses and end negative cycles.

See I was born to fight the stereotypes that you are often too eager to classify.

I would completely change and transform your perception, Society. 

For you are too quick to judge individuals and limit their potential to succeed based on the deeds of a few ignorant members of that race.

You fail to realize that they are the minority and the majority is far more intelligent and far more driven.

I would change the way Society has influenced my friend's racial views.

They tell me an intelligent african american is an idea that to them is quite new. 

It's all because of you, Society.

Be a better example, remove the veil of ignorance from your own eyes and be more accepting, teach this world a valuable lesson.

If I could change one thing I would change Society's perception.



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