Society's Outlook

Heartbreaks come in many ways

Family, boyfriend/girlfriend, or even just a friend

Although mine falls under one of those categories,

Mind differs a slight bit.

Some call it sexist, some believe it's a true miracle

Just like some people don't believe in spirits and it takes a personal encounter to have any kind of belief

Or how people don't believe in shooting stars but spotting them first hands makes them realize,

Just maybe it isn't a child's fairytale.

I vividly remember the woman dressed casually as if she had no importance

But the questions she asked contrasted against how she dressed

"What happened that night?"

"Do you feel safe when in the care of your mother?"

Clueless on how to respond

I didn't half the time.

Then I felt it coming,

Everyone knows that feelings you get when you see or hear something you didn't necessarily want to

As if reality smacks you in the face

But this smack will forever scar me.

Having a mother figure growing up, is what is wanted/needed by all children

But having only a father figure isn't what is always expected.

I guess it is kind of sexist

But society always pictures a divorce ending with the children left in the mother's hands.

Just as society looks at all criminals as a disgrace, not knowing their story

Judgemental people scare me.

Not because I'm scared to be judged but because of how they look at life,

How they handle it

How they've encountered it.

My father is the fourth of his generation

He always wishes I would have met my grandfather,

Promising that he would have spoiled me rotten.

But I consider myself special or different

My father is my only male figure in my life and he works two jobs

One being a cook, the other is supplying me,

Times 2.

Times 2 because my mother made poor choices

Choices a child would make

Behind bars, eating cold food, struggling just as we are.

Real life proof that miracles happen,

As I am blessed with a loving father figure.

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My family
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