Society's Girl

5 years old, 

little blue dress,

with a heart of gold,

and nothing less. 


She grew older,

little blue dress gone,

be prettier he told her,

the challange she would take on. 


16 years old,

skinny and pretty,

by pills and makeup untold,

she was everything in that small city. 


Sad and hollow,

she soon became numb,

but she wore a halo,

and had a fear she couldn't overcome,

none of that mattered, 

because she knew she wasn't a pearl,

although she was flattered,

she didn't want to be socitey's girl.




This poem is about: 
My community
Our world



This is what society does to us. We play with barbie dolls at a young age and then for the resr of our lifes, we grow up trying to be one, all because of society's expectations. If your a guy and your fat, dumb, manwhore and a player, you're fine, but if you are a girl not so much. If you're a girl you can't be fat, you have to be dumb, and if you're a slut, then you are good, Magazines, television, social media, they are satan, and we sin everytime we give in. Models, beautiful, and praised, yeah sure curvy girls get credit, but face it, guys have a basic girl in mind. Blonde hair, tall, skinny, pretty and dumb, and if you aren't that, well you don't matter. That's what society says, I would know, because I am tyring to be those basic girls, and its killing me,  but that's what you gotta do if you wanna be noticed. 

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