society's definition of beauty


numbness is not romantic
pain is not beauty
and struggling is not beautiful


there is no beauty found in your brother's eyes as he grasps a bottle of pills
when he swears that this life is just so expendable -
- that his choice is made with a sincerity that gives me chills


there is no beauty found in your sister's shaking hands as she chooses not to eat for days on end
when she wears a size 2 and she still thinks she's fat
when she writes in her journals over and over and over again: thin, thin, thin, thin


 there is no beauty found in your mother's scarred wrists as she reaches for another blade
when she fails to get out of bed in the morning due to her depression
when you see the light in her eyes slowly begin to fade

society tries to romanticize the idea of hurt
that you're cool if apathy is your only friend
and disgust is the only thing you exert


but i will tell you this once and i will tell you this a thousand more
although i can't say what beauty is, i can tell you what it isn't
it is not society's choice to label beauty as the hurt you choose to ignore


because numbness is not romantic
because pain is not beauty
because struggling is not beautiful


but i can tell you this: you are.



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