Society Vs. You


As a kid you were the one that got teased because you had a double everything.
Like double chin, double stomach rolls.
You starved yourself in front of people so they couldn't crack jokes..
But then they'd say "good cause your fat ass could miss a few"

I mean those comments were all you knew.
You'd go home crying and your mom would sing that stupid song "sticks and stones may break your bones, but words can never hurt you." But if words can't hurt why am I suffering?

It made me.
It kills me.

Sophomore year in high school and you thought you found love. Not only did she love you, but she loved your doubles too. She fell in love with societies making. She fell in love with a wreck. But she fell in love and so did you. She taught you that not everybody's opinion is needed. And told you to "stop taking things to heart."
She enlightened you.

Society made the girl that's in the bathroom right now gagging. It made the girl that's on day 3 no eating. It made the girl that's contemplating whether or not life is for her. The girl that was worth it until society struck.

It made me.
It killed me.

I know you don't want to be "the girl" anymore. I know you want to be you. The you who society thought wouldn't fit in and wasn't good enough. Love that you. Express that you. Because it's the true you.


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