Society, Society


If I could change anything,

Anything in the world,

I would change what society is inputing into our minds,

How our future job is our number one goal.

Society, you're bringing us up in a way

That puts our career before our cares

The thing is, we don't know where to start

And to you, you see it fair.

We try our hardest to do what is told

Through late nights, caffeine, and stress

That's where an part-time mind

Blows up into a full-time mess.

Struggle is definite in our eyes,

You see it every day

Sometimes struggle builds character,

But it isn't right to shift waves already at bay.


Society, society, what have you come to?

Tell me, what have you done?

You sit there criticizing, dismissing, rejecting

And brainwashing our minds until we have none.

Can't you see that we're tired?

Can't you tell that we're mad?

How will a calculus equation

Give us what you think we should have?

Instead of living in the future,

We should live in the now

We should acknowledge our youth while we're in it,

And when we do work, proudly wipe the sweat off our brow.

You can't force us to think like an adult

When we haven't even reached that age

Would you send out an ill-prepared performer

To go recite a monologue in front of an audience, in front of a stage?


If I could change one thing about you, society,

It would be what you're telling us students to learn

Building structures and plans for us

When we each have our own different turns.

Our lives won't be structured,

Our lives won't be planned,

So why are we readying ourselves

For something too wavering to stand?

Show us how to live in the present,

That's where we are now, right?

Show us how to admire the world around us,

How not everything has to be won with a fight.

My future shouldn't be a competition

Even if others are headed the same route as I

Society, society, get your head out of the clouds,

Come back down so you won't be blind.


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