Society Says

Society Says this!

Society says that!

I'm too wired

Real tired

Not Hired

To perform my word

You Haven't heard?

I'm broken

Just hoping

I'm sick and twisted

Twisted and sick

A Harsh phrase see?

It just doesn't faze me

I wanna love

But they say above

"Too young for that emotion

You're just running on some notion"

Infatuation and Lust

Lust and Infatuation

I only crave touch

Never want to feel

I desire sex and such

I won't ever heal

What do they know

They all call me a hoe

I'm still a virgin

Keeping it clean

Along with my kin

it's all just cruel and mean

I'm torn and shredded

Scratched at and beheaded

What's the truth and what's a lie?

Why can't I live just to get by?

Society says this!

Society says that!

I'm a freak and misunderstood

Living greedy but a part of the hood

They spout such nonsense about teens

Just to get paid by any means

It's rather uncivilized

We really are undermined

Thrown to the wolves and left to die

Holding on to false reassurances and made to cry

We're silenced and told You're weak

Tricked and deceived another says you're meek!

I! will be my own maker

I! Will stand up for what I want

I! Will be my own person

Society says this

Society says that

but I couldn't care less

not even a bit

What they say is absolute shit

They can take all their comments that are crass

and shove it up their dirty ass


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