Society At Its Finest


Living in a society filled with hate;
Where People are judge by gender, ethnicity, and race.
Hateful words storm through the air;
As I stand in silence with a disgusted face.

Ugly, fat, gross, loud;
Does denouncing others make you proud?
The color of our eyes, the length of our hair;
People everywhere will stop a stare.
The size of our bodies, weight and height;
Are constantly being judged every damn night.

One by one, these statements get locked in our head;
Its all we think about before going to bed.
Day after day, the nights become longer;
As we lie in our beds and begin to ponder.

What if I never existed?
What if i was skinnier?
What if I was different?

These questions become engraved in our brains.
The hate begins to scream voices inside our heads;
Telling us that we are better off dead.

You see kids in the park going down slides;
You flip the paper and read a girl has commitited suicide.

Little do we know how hate causes more than just tension;
It increases the numbers of anxiety and depression.

While people will continue to chatter;
we can show them a hell of a lot better.
If we stand be each other, we can together grow;
We are powerful people are we talents to show.

The world is crazy, and there's more pain to yet go through;
But will a little confindence it only take YOU.

Surviving in a society filled with hate;
I've learned to hold my head high and take a leap with faith.



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