Society influences ALL

She was very much a victim of the modern school system,No matter how much the teachers thought of her as a gem.


Years of stressing over standardised tests,Bullies bulk up like cockerels and their crests.Hours upon hours of homework had taken their toll,Played with and hit like some plastic doll.


As it does to every student that comes victim to the mighty jaws of education, 2 days "off" as vacation.


We all have our coping methods,Like politicians with money, women and all their goods.


Some turn to illegal substances and throw themselves bodily into the teenager persona,Becoming disrespectful and uncaring about others,Losing respect and love, even for their very own mothers!


The balance is brought by those who let themselves be consumed by the constant stress,Pulling out hair in chunks, bitten nails, a walking, slobbish mess.Leaving themselves somewhat twitchy and completely over taken by the school system,Indeed, such a gem!


Starving for passing grades,Happiness, fear, emotion... fades. Teacher's Pet.


She had taken the 3rd path,Taking toasters as her comfort to the bath.Completely dispassionate for school and grades,Or any of the stress that came with reality,No shame for insults she might spew, pain she causes, nor her brutality!


Feigning friendships to make connections,In life, who needs TRUE perfections?


She became a dreamer,No more WiFi, not a streamer,Lost in a world of imagination,And of course the books of her own creation.


She was aware of the consequences for her actions,Reading much less magazines with too many captions.Of fake beauty,False lives and ambiguity.


These thoughts only drove her further into the intangible world within her own mind.She let alone the weeping, wailing, noisy menaces of her kind.


She broke away to a place unknown,Flowers and trees grow from the seeds she had sewn.


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