Society Always Falls

Tue, 03/21/2017 - 15:08 -- DaezyG

Our hearts have been carved with silver spoons

Slice, slice, carve away as they laugh, the goons

They cheese as they prosper, increasing our power

Meanwhile their smiles fail to hide their glower


Revenge is their motivation

Cut from the poor, making “us” a richer nation

After all, we were almost socialist

Who knows what could happen if we had lesser rich?


They say the middle is where they lie

“Middle! Middle!” they chant for the crowds that cry

“Yes! Yes! More! More!” They shout to the thieves

Not realizing their doom, ripping the hems off their sleeves


The flag is burning, and not in protest

Watch as the flames ingest what made us the best

Uneducated, downright pitiful

Oblivious clowns smiling against the oppositional


Infatuated with a guy so rad

“Oh! More!” They chant as he slices progress in half

“No, stop!” A goon cries, seeing through the ruse

“Oh, more!” His entourage shouts, goon feeling the blues


As he watches, helpless, afraid

Threatened by the very bed that he made

He smears on a smile and sits back

Securing a future before the head clown can attack


Our country tis’ of the

Sweet land of the brave, home of the free

Liberty falling to her knees in mercy

Pulled back by the goons, too artistic for the greed-thirsty


However, this too shall pass

Resilient, we always bounce back

After all, you know what makes us free?

The cries of Liberty as she leads us to victory


Chanting on the grass we planted, we will never be supplanted

After all, society always falls when you take us for granted

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My country
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