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Society has this standard on "Perfection" But what they fail to realize is- nobody is perfect. The ONLY perfect person to ever step foot on this earth was Jesus Christ. So, stop stressing over not having the "perfect body", "perfect smile", "perfect hair", or perfect anything. Live for yourself, and for God. 


Camille A. Thomas Poem


My pens blends the thoughs in my head,

I'm present on this earth dealing with ignorance.

There is no clearance,

society is only worried about people's appearance. 

All of the ignoramus' and beligerent beings on this earth,

and all they are worried about is worth.

What about acceptance?

How about love and affection?

I guess if you're anything under society's definition of perfect,

you're infected.

You're rejected, neglected, not even connected to society,

so humans get misdirected,

and society wonders why this world is so disconnected. 

Only few are selected by the so called "Powerful beings" on earth,

but God has the last word.

I guess they haven't heard or maybe they did,

but are too busy preaching about how God doesn't exist,

but are the first ones to bring the bible into play when it comes to gay marriage.

Now, God is the greatest creator of all time,

but society is too busy worshipping people who are not even deserving of God's time,

but to them that's fine,

but confide is something that is irrelevant or has no significance to them,

and that's wrong.

Then you're judged for being different,

you're bullied because you don't fit in,

and then depression seeps in,

and society says you have a "mental illness".

You're waking up thinking you are nothing,

because of the poison society has instilled in you,

but the truth is, you're someone strong.

You're someone who deserves the life that has been given and more.

Forget this world and what it wants you to be,

but open your eyes and see what God wants you to be.

What his plans are, this world is temporary and so are you.

We are all terminal until our everlasting life in paradise.

So embrace who you are, and what you do,

because society will be under you.

You are so much more than the definition society gives you,

so start living,

for you.




I was inspired to write this poem, when a young boy was talking about how he was afraid to come out. He was afraid of what society would think. But he ended up gaining the courage, and disregarded the ignorant comments, and start following Christ; he was my inspiration.

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