If I had the power to change something, I would change our society.

Now a days, there is so much hate, little fate and less faith. Up to this date, I feel like it's late.

A friend used to be a real good mate. Now they're all fake. Fake friends, they really did make. I swear, sometimes its just too much to take. I hope that someday it'll all end for old times sake. I hope that this is all a dream by the time I do wake. Lives are really at stake.

People judge. Then they nudge. Then all that's left in someone's life is a smudge.

People bully, to make themselves feel fully, because they know deep inside, that their life is so dully. 

People cause others pain, just to make themselves gain. I swear, sometimes there are those whom their opinions they cannot contain. 

I sometimes wish to put an end. I sometimes see that this is all a vile trend. People's lives I wish to mend. 

I'm a firm believer in karma. It's pay back for all the the drama. Pay back for all the trauma. It's like asthma. No cure. There's remedy, but it's not for sure. Sadly, it's something the world cannot endure.

I will be the change. That for sure I can assure. 

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