Some may say it's okay and safe.

Others would say it's hurting us.

We are told to act a certain way.

We need to be polished and clean.

We need to keep our mouths quiet.

We are foced to have a certain image about ourselves.

We are told that women must submit to men.

We are told that being gay is wrong.

We are told that interracial relationship are a sin.

We are expected to act like adults,

but are treated like infants.

Us women need a skinny waist,

golden skin,

long flowing hair,

big breasts, and

and a face covered in makeup to be accepted.

Men must always work.

Men must provide for their families.

Boys will be boys and

boys will not have to take consequences.

Girls will always be the menace.

Girls provoke the hormonal boys.

People care about abortion.

People care about that baby being born,

but not being fed,

or clothed,

or educated.

As long as they are pro-life, they don't care.

In a world where there is no equality,

there is no hope for a brighter





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