When we have gone through something traumatic like a guy trying to get in our pants when we are not wanting it 

Or we are assaulted or in an abusive relationship

Society tells us to keep quiet because they don’t believe us or we want attention

Society also tells us the way we should look and dress 

Society wants us to all look like models and have a perfect figure be skinny

Society wants us to look like everyone else and not show emotion

Society says we have to look nice but not too nice or were asking for attention

Society will then criticize us for not looking nice enough and no one will want us

Society tells us we should wear makeup because guys will like us

Society will also tell us we are fake because of to much makeup

Society says so much to us about how we look then says it’s wrong

Society will call it wrong for doing one thing after another while trying to do “everything right”

Society will say everything is wrong with us after telling us we were right


Society isn’t right and we need to say something

Society doesn’t want to listen to our story’s 

Society is afraid when someone speaks out about something touchy

Society tries to filter out what people say and see

Society just assumes that we “looked a certain way”

Society says we looked like “hookers” or were “wearing a revealing outfit”

If society would open their eyes it’s not about what we wore 

It’s about the MEN that think it’s okay to do what they want with us

It’s not about what they see either OPEN YOUR EYES and stop believing lies society has told 


This poem is about: 
Our world


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