Dear twisted society,
You do your job as a prison guard.
Making sure we don’t dare to stray too far.
That we don’t say too much, draw too much attention to ourselves, talk about problems, or talk back.
Making sure we stay within our class
Don’t talk about our past
Always agree.
Dear Society,
Don’t be naive
This isn’t working anymore.
We find war and sports more important than what we use to express ourselves.
We aren’t as happy as we used to be.
Families are getting divorced,
We’re finding more consistency and more of a family with friends than with blood.
Teens are stressed to the max
Because they don’t know how to act.
They can’t pass their class
They get sick, fall behind and can’t catch up.
Worried about images more than health.
We try too hard to impress
To gain friends and success
Real friends are hard to get, most are fake.
Teens are full of heartache
Dear society,
We are using things that are supposed to heal, to kill
Our friends are going 6 feet under left and right
Our eyes become dead, they no longer shine as bright as the sun
Everything is becoming a trigger.
Everyone has a clouded or shrouded mind.
Adults say they will listen, but when it comes down to it…
They never do.
So when we get these thoughts in our heads,
We call them monsters not knowing the truth
We are starting to realizing monsters do exist but not under our beds.
Dear Society,
You are the monsters in our heads

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
Our world


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