Fat, ugly, stupid, whoreThose words hurt, sureBut people don't know that that words have thousands of meaningsAnd can bring out different reactions and feelingssome worse thanothers 16 year old virgin Good grades good girlBut wow she's a boreBecause her back door isn't open for the whole world to exploreBut people 16 ignore the fact that she's only 16 and not some machineHer beauty shouldn't be defined by the thickness of her thighsor think she has no worth because of the length of her skirtDepression...It's easy for someone to joke about depressionIn most people's eyes they see it as attention seekingBut the only thing they're seeking is love and affectionWhen they look in the mirror they don't see their reflectionthe only thing they see is their perception of perfectionWe have lost all humanity in our societyThere is no equality We are suffering in silence but choose not to change though it's possible Use your powerful words to change the world and not to shame and downgrade the people

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Our world
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