It's a cruel world 
You don't wear the right clothes

You our don't wear make up, 
You do wear make up, 

You you don't look like a model
You start to think 'why don't I look like them?
why do I look in a mirror and not want this?' 

But you have to remember 
You shouldn't have to think like this 
Not everyone looks like a model, 
Not everyone has amazing hair,
or or beautiful eyes,
a flat stomach, 
expensive make up,
and no imperfections 
No one is perfect and that's okay. 

The he world is cruel. 
We will be judged
 But we can't let that change who we want to be, 
or how we want to act,
or dress, 
or or have our hair. 
Forget about being judged. 
You are unique. 
And that's also okay. 
This poem is about: 
Our world


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