Society Creates and society destroys

It molds and shapes the person you strive to be

Striving to be an individual yet falling into the hole that was created

Following others but losing characteristics that make you the person you are

Let society create, but only parts of yourself

Society is becoming the essence of who human beings are

Creativity and individualism are both being lost because of the push to be that perfect human being

What we forget to see is that no is perfect

But society creates individuals that are perceived to be the epitome

Of someone perfect, beautiful and insightful           

No one admits to the fact, however we all strive to be that epitome

But by trying to mirror an image that was created is anything but perfect, beautiful, or insightful

These qualities are not something mirrored but rather qualities one builds on their own

Society creates and society destroys,

But do not let it create or destroy the human being that was put here to be an individual

This poem is about: 
Our world


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