Fri, 01/30/2015 - 19:34 -- Fefe249

Welcome to society 

Where straight girls go lesbian or at least tried to

The place where the straight girls go for the gay boys

Who go for the straight guys

Who go for the lesbian girls

Who go for each other


Where friends are faker than boobs

Where girls die their hair depending on the crap they go through

Red for when they're heartbroken

Green for When they're high all the time

Trust me honey I've seen it all


Where Bottom lid liner weaves a fine line between crazy goth girl and well made up.

Be careful.

Where Red lipstick weaves a fine line between classy and very trashy.

Again be careful

Where Cigarettes are gross but we still decide to smoke them.

Where girls say nothing taste as good as skinny feels

Well honey certain extra crumb apple pie taste better than skinny feels


Where shit happens and girls cry like babies


Where boys cheat in their relationships but the girls still stay with them



Where most girls are nasty like Miss Jackson

not guilty

but we move miss jackson anyways


Where girls name their dogs Taco

And their cats Bell

Where boys try to be boyfriend material

But their really more of a best friend material


Where girls strive to look like a Barbie

They're even faker than she is


Why would you push to look like a piece of plastic

Rather than look like a piece of artwork with your name on it


Where people say fuck society

But then society killed the girl the next day

Pushed her around until a razor was pressed to her wrist

And 76 pills in her body

She's gone


Where people stereotype the shit out of you

Why do we judge people by their appearance.

You're skinny so you must be anorexic

You're thick so you must be fat


And they put you in these closets

Most of us get claustrophobic

And we kill ourselves trying to get out of it


I don't like closets

But clothes do and secrets too

So when I come out

I'll be prepared


The body is an accessory

And only the minds counts

But society changes this

And says it's the body that makes you beautiful

But no it's the beauty of the mind

No it's the beauty of the words left unspoken

No It's the beauty of the words that you spill on the page

As you write a poem

a story

or even a suicide note


Society has built this norm of how they want us to be in this  crazy place we call home

Society tells us that we're not good enough

But honestly who the hell cares

Cause in the end were screwed

So welcome to this  fucked up place we call home.

I hope you enjoy your stay.



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Our world


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