By: Claudia Hauslauer

My young sister asked of me why all these models are so skinny. I had no choice but to reply this is what society wants us to be.

She looked at me with her big brown eyes and said I’m glad my name isn’t society.

The innocents and ignorance of a young child is what makes them so susceptible and vulnerable to society’s ways.

Society will try to get us to change the way we dress, it will try and help us so our frizzy hair doesn’t look like a mess.

But to be frank I must confess we must all protest these ways. Who are they to tell me how to dress, or how to look my best? They can try and tell mean to be tall and lean, and that the people on the streets are scum and unclean.

I have but one goal in my life it is to be me and only me not what society wants me to be and that must suffice. But we can change society’s ways because we are all apart of society now a days, so here I am and here I’ll stay, society try to come and change me another day.


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