You all shut your ears out from this harsh world and close your mouths, keeping silent.

You're so busy gathering your wealth, satisfying your avarice that your ranks are taken away without you noticing.

Much like a tattoo, money, authority, and honor don't adjust roles.
Act on it, it's time for the anthem of the fight between the powerful and weak.
All you people keep your head raised.
The entire world submits and yields itself to money and the government.
In the midsts of the strong and powerful,
The frail and weak are perishing.
Many leaders abuse their power and rank.
It's a game to them, watching their citizens suffer in poverty as they lead their lives in opulence and power, all while causing war and fighting at the same time
Don't yield or surrender yourselves before them, they don't deserve any of it.
Don't give in to them, raise your head up.
The battle goes on.
Go against them and fight for what you deserve.
However only the cruel and wicked can endure and withstand this bitter, cold reality.
With a fake smiling facial expression, they appear on T.V and crush young souls.
Is wealth really that important in this ruthless society?


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