The Society’s State of Mind


In the society’s state of mind, we are taught to be normal.

But in a society so corrupt how could one distinguish what normal is?

The dictionary states that “normal” is an adjective or noun meaning to conform to a standard; usual, typical or expected.

I am not normal.

I am not normal because I do not fit with these standards

and I shall no longer try to “fit in” with them.

I am original; not usual.

I am eccentric; not typical.

I am stunning, surprising, astonishing; not expected.

It is the weirdly created creatures that form the livelihood of the Earth.

For in this same society,

a kid could receive a Hot&Spicy  for $1.05

but a salad for $4.59

But yet they still preach,

“healthy eating” in a struggling nation


why our kids are obese.

In this same society,

It was told to me that the woman was weaker than the man

but in every movie or story narrated

it came to me that the women was the fixer..

the source of life, the caretaker

The Help, Scandal,

Diary of a Mad Black Women- Which was directed by a man

For the mental and emotional strength of our women is endured where the physical strength of a man could never compare.

In this same society,

I am told to love myself for who I am;

That looks are only skin deep.

But on every magazine:

Size 0, light complexion, straight hair.

As if the darker sisters with the curls and curves are of lesser value.

For the society can be enclosed to it’s simple thoughts

of stereotypes and unjustified statements

“but I would rather have a mind opened by wonder, than closed by unproven beliefs”.

-Gerry Spence

But society, in your state of mind

instead of changing mines,

enforce Critical thinking,

the world could be so much better..

overfilled with more outrageous minds.



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