Societies eyes

Walking down the street,

Angry eyes i do meet.

Filled with wonder in their eyes,

Looking down at me, I wish to hide.


Society has changed, treating me cruel,

This issue now once was so usual.

"Poor child", I hear some mummer,

"It was her fault", I hear others mutter.

I zip up my sweater, trying to blend in with the crowd,

But oh how I feel attention on me screaming loud.


I remind myself the eyes taunting wont last forever,

One day this will all be for the better.


What society lacks to see is what hides underneath,

This isn't unfortunate at all, I begin to breathe.

At night, I dream of all the memories I'll make,

With me and societies so called, "mistake".

In my dreams there is no more hate,

Once the world meets this beauty so great.

All societies gazing eyes will one day fade away,

This will be worth everything, one day.


Unzipping my sweater, I hold my head high,

Realizing all the eyes looking at me begin to die.


I begin to smile again as I reach my destination,

This all has been just a crazy sensation.

I smile because Its ok if society chooses to be shady,

In the end Its all worth it for me and my baby.



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