social media makes us lose our humanity

Sun, 01/11/2015 - 20:15 -- eherrod


the time we take to share what we know can be wasted by the endless chatter that we hear, the sounds, the essence of life is always in our ears.
we go on day by day not knowing what happens next
but then boom surprise its better than we expect
The thrill, the joy, the feeling that we feel
we look up to the sky realizing it was real
but recently we have lost that vibe by the present world that we live
the media, the technology the time that we give
Us humans go on, we love to pretend
And exist on an earth that's virtual to the touch
the endless news that we learn, its always a rush
when we could dwell in possibility and reality, we dwell on our touchscreens.
we don't think; we see,we hear,we don't form our own opinion, just an adaption to what the world believes.
theres a boy sitting on the couch playing halo wishing a gun was really in his hands, theres a girl obsessing over how many likes she got on a picture, (it'll dictate her self worth) or a 10 year old kid fretting about a small pimple.
what has happened to this world , where the essentials of life are second guessed?
wake up look up discover for you not what someone already discovered.
we are so busy with new updates, posts, tweets, vines and videos. It never ends, the buzz of a notification the click of the computer mouse, the ring of a new level. We process so much world information, we forget our own. We know more about our favorite celebrity than we know about ourselves. Harry styles favorite color is blue, Taylor swift has a new boyfriend, Paris Hilton's tour of her closet, the number of hits wrecking ball got on YouTube.
we are so engaged with others we forget who we are. when theres times we feel regret, stupidity and fault its because we lost ourselves in the world.
so stop think put that information down
you dont need it, its the reason you frown
stop and think its just that simple
dont be that kid stressing about his pimple.


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